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Jan 12, 2007
Web directories, especially a well established web directory like are one of the most important pillars of successful search engine marketing campaign. Established over seven years ago, is a one of the so called authority directory, meaning that it is recognised by all the major search engines and a quality directory, meaning that having your site listing in an appropriate category withing will not just give your site steady stream of traffic for a one off cost of your inclusion in the directory but it will give you site some SEO boost as well.

Haabaa directory is organised into category, sub categories, continents and countries. To get your site listed, first you choose your continent, country and then the appropriate category or sub category for your site, product or services.

Apart from the general directory section of Haabaa web directory, it has some specialist section such as the finance web directory which list nothing but finance related site. If you are the webmaster of a finance website, you want to get it listed on Haabaa finance web directory.

Haabaa web directory editorial policy is quite stringent but straight forward, Haabaa is also quite unique because of the fact that it is one of the few directories that gives you a refund if your site is now listed, for this reason, you have the confidence that if your are not successful at listing your website directory, you will not lose your money, you will be refunded. Head for Haabaa today and suggest your website for listing with confidence.